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Welcome to Computer Training Wales your local Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, Game Development and Programming Training school

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Popular IT Courses

Microsoft Access

Discover the power of data management and database creation with our Microsoft Access course, where you'll turn information chaos into organised, efficient, and strategic resources.

Microsoft Excel

Unlock the full potential of data manipulation and analysis with our Microsoft Excel Course, where you'll transform from a spreadsheet novice to a data-driven dynamo in just a few clicks

Microsoft PowerPoint

Take your presentations from ordinary to extraordinary with our Microsoft PowerPoint course, where you'll learn to captivate, inform, and inspire your audience through compelling visuals and dynamic storytelling.

Microsoft Project

Join our Microsoft Project course and master the art of project management, empowering you to turn complex tasks into well-organised and efficient endeavors, bringing your projects to success, on time and within budget.

Microsoft PowerBI

Empower your data-driven decision-making with our Microsoft PowerBI course, where you'll transform raw information into visually stunning insights that drive business excellence and competitive advantage.

Adobe Photoshop

Unleash your creativity and design prowess with our Adobe Photoshop course, where you'll craft stunning visual masterpieces and bring your imagination to life with every brushstroke and click.

2D Computer Aided Design

Embark on a journey of digital design excellence with our 2D Computer-Aided Design course, where you'll transform your ideas into precision-engineered wonders, all at the click of a mouse.

Solid Edge

Elevate your engineering and design capabilities with our Solid Edge course, where you'll harness the power of this cutting-edge software to bring your innovative concepts to life, one 3D masterpiece at a time.


Unlock the world of precision and creativity with our AutoCAD course, where you'll sculpt your imagination into digital reality, transforming ideas into architectural wonders with the click of a mouse.

Welcome to Computer Training Wales, we are your local Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk, GameDev and Programming training provider

New Courses for 2024

Microsoft Power Automate

Revolutionise your workflow efficiency with our Microsoft Power Automate course, where you will automate tasks, connect apps, and supercharge productivity, empowering you to work smarter, not harder.

Microsoft Power Platform

Empower your organisation to achieve greatness with our Microsoft Power Platform course, where you will harness the full potential of low-code development to build custom apps, automate workflows, and analyse data.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the future of data-driven insights and intelligence with our Analytics & Artificial Intelligence course, where you'll unravel the secrets hidden in data and unlock the limitless potential of AI, revolutionising decision-making and innovation.

Microsoft Copilot

In this fast-paced and immersive training programme, you will embark on an exciting journey to explore the groundbreaking technology of Microsoft Copilot.

Data Storytelling

Join our Data Storytelling course and learn the art of weaving compelling narratives from raw data, turning facts and figures into impactful stories that resonate, inform, and inspire change.

Autodesk Maya

Embark on a 3D journey like never before with our Autodesk Maya course, where you will sculpt breathtaking virtual worlds, characters, and animations, unleashing your creativity and bringing your digital dreams to life.

Microsoft Power Apps

Empower your innovation with our Microsoft Power Apps course, where you will transform your ideas into functional applications with ease, streamlining processes and creating customised solutions at the speed of thought.


Unlock the world of 3D design and architectural brilliance with our SketchUp course, where you will bring your imagination to life, crafting captivating structures and spaces with the click of a mouse and the power of your creativity.

Unreal Engine 5

Dive into the future of gaming and immersive experiences with our Unreal Engine 5 course, where you'll harness the industry's most cutting-edge technology to create breathtaking virtual worlds, interactive narratives, and awe-inspiring games.

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