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Popular Courses This Week

Microsoft Access

This course will familiarise you with the concepts of database design and implementation using Access.

Microsoft Excel

Our series of Microsoft Excel courses cover the basic fundamentals to the advanced features.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This course is designed to give you the fundamentals of PowerPoint, enabling you to create presentations.

Microsoft Project

This course will provide you with a solid understanding of the essential tools within Microsoft Project.


Our course covers the range of coding specialities understand how they work through the language.


These courses will provide you with the skills to use Photoshop from an introductory to advanced level.

2D Computer Aided Design

This 2D CAD training will give you the foundation knowledge on how to use powerful drafting techniques.

3D Computer Aided Design

On this 3D CAD training course in will learn how to create 3D models by working in a 3D environment.

Architectural Floor Plans

A solid introduction to standard residential building floor plan generation, drafting and documentation practices.


Covers the main production tools, allowing you to effectively produce AutoCAD drawings.

Engineering Drawing

This course is the modern equivalent of learning engineering drafting, but within a CAD environment.

Finite Element Analysis

FEA is widely used as a powerful technique to identify design solutions to challenging problems.


Unite 3D models and BIM data to create a cohesive model for virtual design and construction projects.


Our courses cater to all aspects of a building design project, used in architectural projects around the world.

Sheet Metal Design

This Sheet Metal Design course introduces the concepts and techniques of sheet metal modeling.

New Courses for 2022

AutoCAD Achitecture

Our course teaches the key commands for architectural design and drafting in the application.

Computer Aided Manufacturing

Our course is a great way to learn how to simulate the manufacture of a range of components using 3D CAD.

Digital Photography

Our course is the quickest way to get off 'Auto' mode and unlock the creative potential of your DSLR camera.


You will learn to create your own graphics projects from scratch using advanced tools within the software.


Our courses are for designers, engineers, creative professionals, publishers, and marketing professionals.


Our 2 day Maya session focuses on getting you up and running with how to generate 3D computer graphics.


Our Blender Animation course is perfect for those wishing to become hands on with a short training course.


Our SketchUp courses will give you all the skills you need to move quickly from idea to 3D design.

Unreal Engine

Confidently build interactive, graphically stunning and high-performance 3D games usuing Unreal Engine.

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